Leopardo dress… I love it!!!!!!…..

Trendtemptation: Animal print

Explora tu lado Salvaje.
El animal print vuelve cada temporada para enloquecer a las chicas y los chicos :-D.
Explore your Wild side.
The animal print has came back as every season but this time in particular you can see every where…. it has came again to drive crazy the boys and the girls who want to wear it… 😀







Luces de navidad en las calles de Barcelona….
Christmas lights all around  Barcelona’s street…
Feliz ya me falta poquito para las vacaciones……
El año que viene será  mas intenso pero con muchas ganas de empezar hacer la colección, lamento no postear tanto como quisiera pero bueno todo tendrá su recompensa, gracias a los que me regalais un pedacito de vuestro tiempo….
I feel Happy because in  just few days i will be on vacations, and i will enjoy the holidays ……
Next year will be more intense because i will start making the collection, I regret not posting as much as I would like but all the things have a rewarded, thanks to those who gives me a little bit of your time reading my blog…. see you next post…
Bisous Jackelin.




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