the countdown: My first Weeding collection “Transparence” (eng version)

The Countdown

WoW! in 13 days I will introduce to you my mini collection of wedding dresses Transparence.
Which it has been a totally challenge for me. Since I start to study two years ago fashion Design at  Escola Illa in Barcelona, and since beginning it was so difficult to dial with something,  for example:

Draw : I almost never did and I’m still not really good but I try , well actually if you saw my drawings when I started you will see that the progress.

Sewing : Well I am not an expert on this subject and I didn’t take any course nothing, once I took the old machine from my mother or when I visit my friend, I’ve tried to do ​​something like sewing .

Patterns: This is the hard part , well I guess with practice and more practice and More practice,  you will get at the end .

Computer Design : Pufff!  I had never touched the computer to do more writing than writing on Word or surfing at the net , I still take a long time to do things in Photoshop , illustrator and indesign .

With all this you may think but why does she wanted to study design!, Well first because I love Fashion, then as I said before it was a challenge for me to learn all these things, and I’m insistent , constant and critical of myself, I always demanding me more than I could give and I here is  the result, my mini-collection of wedding dresses.
And I can said that for just been studying for  2 years and doing just a pair of pants and skirt, my dresses are very well done.

Yes, It has cost me some tears, some sleepless nights and much much and Much work but in my enthusiasm and Happy to see the result. Yesterday we did a pre – exposure of our project and the teacher asked me what I’ve learned, well I will tell you what I’ve learned:

1. Believing in myself  Why?
Because people will tell you ( as they tell me) many things to discourage you or disappointed you, or they could that they want to show you the reality ( jajajaja and JA) many of the following things:
You can not do it, you’re not trained , you’ve overtaxed , you will not finish the day of the presentation, it is very difficult to do what you want to do, you can not do what you want to do, it’s not easy to do this, You will have to work too much, etc…… So what!

2. Be consistent
When I make some mistakes I try it again , searching for the information , seeking help , seeking advice, when the teacher told me it’s not possible to do this you are not prepared to do this,  I look for someone to teach me to  do that.

3. Believe in my dreams
Yes I know that my career has not yet started and I still have not finished learning, and I Know I still have to work too much  for became  my dream come true, but I believe in my dream. My mother taught me by her example that work is what makes you have succeed and what makes you strong and what makes it is your effort and that effort will be reflected at the end.

Moral: Do not be afraid to do what your heart tells you , believe in yourself , in your dreams, be constant , and not be discouraged if you fall , dry your tears and arise , go ahead if it comes discouragement think of the end result.

I know I’m not the best at drawing, or making patterns , or sewing , or the best ever designer , but I have some perseverance and I’m a creative, but maybe someday YES! why not! at least I will die trying, maybe not have been done as Chanel or Carolina Herrera ( who knows ) ,  but maybe no one day I will create my brand , and I’m sure that maybe my friends and family, will be the only that will buy it, but no one could tell me that I didn’t try it cause I will try it with all my best until one day I will have it done.

Here I share with you some pics about the process of my collection.

I start with the sketchbook where I put all my inspiration…

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Here are some draws from the collection 20 dresses of wedding dresses.



 Making the patterns 


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I made necklace for the dresses inspired by Coco Chanel
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Here are a sneak peek of the dresses almost finished I have to sew the rhinestones





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I hope this post will encourage you and give you strength to chase your dream came true as I do, I encourage you also to go ahead and believe in yourself, think that:

If others could do you too Why not! .

Be very clear that no one else will do it for you, You are the one who can decide your future and your life, be strong and brave! Be yourself, because you’re pretty, you’re awesome, you are intelligent, you’re goodness you can bring life in your inside, YOU’RE MY MUSE.

Bisous Jackelin

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  1. Tiene que ser muy emocionante ver como toma forma cada uno de los diseños!
    Besitos Jakie! Ya estoy de vuelta guapa! 😀
    Lady Trends NEW POST!!

  2. Thanks Melody hope you enjoy with the catwalk.

  3. Gracias rosa eres un encanto, ahora mismo me paso por tu blog. besitos que pases un buen puente.

  4. Fairly insightful submit. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a great deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only 1 that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

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