Fashion interview: TOTEMISM

Hello fashion lovers!

In today’s post I have the pleasure to interview the fashion designer Rita Trömboczky and her brand TOTEMISM.

Lets discover together her story and her latest collection.

TOTEMISM is multi-culturally brand living a nomadic urban life between Budapest, Hanoi, and LA, her designer Rita is inspired by all of the diverse sights, sounds, textures, and feelings in her travels.

The distinct heritage and landscapes of Hungary, Vietnam, and California, inform their aesthetic and serve as the palette for her collections.

Like the totem that’s their namesake, their pieces capture the palpable spirit of specific places and times.

Photo credit: by Joseph Gobin


I always found very curious about what inspires a designer to create their brand and how they make their journey.

Listening their story is always a source of inspiration to me and I wanted to share with it you.

Hope you guys love this video as much as I did doing it and see you in the next.

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