Basics in Black.

I love Black and I love Basics
El negro para es mi color favorito( si, ya se que no esta considerado un color, ya que es la ausencia del color, pero bueno eso ya es otro tema). Considero que este color nos va bien a todas, al menos a mí siempre me hace sentir segura, cómoda y elegante, lo cual es muy importante en un outfit el sentirse bien cómoda con la ropa que llevas. Gracias a Coco Chanel fue popularizado en el mundo de la moda, desde ese dia hasta hoy no hay quien se resista a un LBD (vestido negro corto).
Mis Más Más a tener! en negro son unos pantalones cortos de cuero, falda,  jeans, camiseta, vestido negro, y una chaqueta de cuero.
Black is my favorite color (yes, I know that is not considered a color, as it is the absence of color, anyway that’s another issue). I think that this color is going well at all, at least to me it always makes me feel Beauty, comfortable and elegant which is really important in an outfit that it makes you feel comfortable and beauty. Thanks to Coco Chanel was popularized in the fashion world, since then that day until today no one can resist an LBD (Little black dress).
My Must have in black are: short leather pants, jeans, t-shirt, skirt, and a leather jacket and of course the Little Black Dress 


Yo llevo una camiseta Básica de Zara a la cual le coci perlas doradas alrededor del cuello ya que tiene la espalda bastante abierta, asi le di un toque más chic, combinado con unos pantalones cortos de cuero D.i.Y. , pendientes de en dorado para combinarla con las perlas de la camiseta, gafas de sol Mango, y mis fieles sandalias TZN que ya las he posteado en diferentes outfit este verano por que simplemente son muy cómodas para dar largos paseos alrededor de Toulouse, los tacones los hemos dejamos para las noche. Y Para ti cuales son tus Básicos en negro?


I am wearing a Zara Basic T-shirt which I sew a little golden pearls around the neck, look that it has a pretty open back, I wanted to give it a different and chic look, I combined with leather shorts D.I.Y , Earrings in gold to combine it with T-shirt golden pearls, sunglasses Mango, and my dear TZN sandals that I have already posted on different outfit this summer because they are just very comfortable for long rides around Toulouse city and my lovelies heels i prefer to use it for the going out during the night.  So what about you, which are your black basics?





Recomendación: llevaros alguna chaqueta o blazer y un paraguas, que aun en verano corre viento  y suele llover mucho.
Advice: Even in summer there is windy or it suddenly start raining so don’t forget your umbrella and  take something to cover you.






Nos vamos despidiendo de está hermosa ciudad, y volvemos a Barcelona el viernes. Mi querida Barcelona y sus ricas tapas ya te echaba de menos.
We have to say goodbye to Toulouse maybe next time we will spent more time around this beautiful city but now we have to came back to Bcn, I have to admit that I miss BCN and the spanish tapas.
Bisous Jackelin


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  1. deborah poh says:

    Gorgeous! You make the black and white look look extremely chic in this post with that lovely top and pleather shorts with the white blazer! Can't wait to start wearing jacket and sweaters more in the fall when it gets colder for us in Vancouver…

    xx Debbie

  2. Me encanta el look guapa!
    My Showroom

  3. estas muy guapa,que lindo el vestido
    gracias por tu comentario

  4. subham rai says:

    Love your dress, goes really well with your sandals.Thanks for sharing this post
    here! Would you like to follow each other on GFC,
    Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know &
    keep in touch!


  5. Awesome look! I am so in-love with your blazer Hope you have an amazing Friday!


  6. wooooooooow pero que fotos más bonitas ¿qué cámara usas?
    me encanta tu blog, me quedo 🙂
    Un beso, muchas gracias por pasarte por el mio, espero volver a verte pronto por ahí.

  7. Me encanta! 🙂

  8. Te ves perfecta, y me encanta tu top! Tus lentes son perfectos tambien 🙂

    99 OUTFITS

  9. I m in love with your top sweety 🙂


  10. Sharon Pate says:

    This is such an elegant look. I wish I had your talent with a sewing needle. I have two favorite black must-haves: black leather pants and the LBDS, of course.


  11. Good answer Sharon , mines too. Kisses

  12. Merci beaucoup. bisses

  13. Definitely one of my favorite looks of you!!!

    My last post on

  14. Thanks you antonio. I will visit you thanks for passing by.